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Arrived safe and sound in Indianapolis late last night. The Valkyrie and I got a room at a hotel near the airport, stayed up til almost 2 doing girly things (painting our nails, etc) and then crashed. In the morning, we rolled out early, got breakfast, caught a cab to the con and got our badges in very short order. Found out the exhibit hall didn't open til 10, by which time the Marriot here had already had our room ready for us, which was just the first step in them bending over backwards for us.

Turns out the room with two queen beds we'd reserved wasn't going to be possible, so they put us in a king room with a roll away for the valkyrie (a less than optimal option, since she's taller than I am, and a roll away twin is kind of tiny for her). But they gave us free breakfast buffet coupons for our trouble and promised to move us as soon as they were able.

So, we went off to do our things: introduced the Valkyrie around to my co-workers and friends, did a panel on Hunter: The Vigil and one later on Writing for White Wolf, had a nice informal chat with Matt Forbeck, who had some great insight and advice on the industry, and did a couple partial passes through the exhibitor's hall (aka dealer's room).

True to their word, around dinner time, we get a call, and tthe hotel has found a double-double room for us for the rest of the weekend. We move our things, go out to show the viking (who has arrived just as the phone call from the hotel came in) the con (asleep though it mostly was at this point) and finally collapse here, around 11:30 after introducing him around as much as possible.

Tomorrow, I've got a book signing from 11am-1pm, a panel on Writing for White Wolf at 2-4pm and then the ENnie Awards at 7pm... in between, I want to show the Viking everything possible here at the Con. He was already wholly impressed by the size of things like the board game room, the miniatures room, the CCG room... he hasn't even seen the Exhibitor's hall!

Oh, and the great guys at Wolf-Blooded Gamer have put up Part Two of my interview with them, this one focussing on Hunter: The Vigil, now that it has officially released.

Check it out here, and I'll archive it on my website after I return home!


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