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The first year I worked for White Wolf writing, I wrote In Northern Twilight. It took me most of 6 months (it was my first novel) between writing and revisions. I didn't do any other writing for them.

The second year, I wrote the Werewolf novel (that has never been and probably never will be published). It took me about three months for the rough draft, and never was editted. I found out in February that it wasn't likely to see print, but in that year I also wrote my sections of Predators, Skinchangers and Compass of the Celestial Directions: The Blessed Isle. (some of the editing happened post-turn of the year, but for the most part). I also finished and began shopping around my Venezia novel.

This year, I have written major chunks of four Promethean Supplements (Pandora's Book, Strange Alchemies, Magnum Opus and Saturnine Nights). I'm just wrapping up my section on the current project (my first core book work!) and I have contracts coming for sure for two more books that I'll be working on before the end of the year (possibly three).

I've got work lined up for at least one book for after the first of the year, but if next year continues like this one has, I'm going to end up feeling like a real writer here pretty quick. The gap between projects keeps getting smaller and my turn around time continues to shrink. I'm learning more about my own idiocyncracies in terms of poor grammar and can correct more and more of them before the first draft goes out, giving me cleaner redlines and less work on the far end of the project.

I've gone from having three developers who know my name and my work, to at least five, covering work in every one of White Wolf's non-d20 lines with the notable exception of Vampire.

That ain't half bad.


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