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150 days (about 5 months) into the South Beach last time, I stopped tracking. I honestly don't remember why we began to deviate from it, but somewhere around the end of January, I don't have any further entries in my chart.

150 days in, I'd gone from 222.5 to 181.5, a total loss of 41 pounds. Now, 181.5 was no where near the 165 I'd set as my goal weight (thanks for the moral support, mizkit!) but still a significant change.

As of today, I'm 9 pounds into what I hope will eventually be a 62.5 pound loss. So far, I'm doing great, eating lots and lots of good food, never going hungry, and the sweet cravings have, for the most part, disappeared. I still need to drink more water (I'm doing good on days I'm in the office with the water cooler and my half-gallon jug, but not as good on other days. I need to remind myself that a bottle of water is just as cheap as a bottle of diet soda, and make the switch on more occasions.)


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