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Everyone has a story to tell... Whether we know how to tell it or not, it exists within us, the tale of our own experiences, and as mundane as we may feel, there in the chaff is a golden tale.

Some of us, whether we can see the value in our own story or not, are blessed (or cursed) to see the seeds of other's stories as well. We witness a snippet of someone else's life and think "What came before that? What comes next?" We're weaving their story, even if they don't have the tools to do so.

And some of us see them everywhere. I was speaking with a dear friend
recently about finding the seeds of dozens of tales in something as mundane as an abandoned floral arrangment. The Viking and I stop each other constantly with "oooh, that would make a great story" and it can sometimes be distracting from "real life" to look at everything that happens to you, around you or that you hear of, in terms of the stories that can be gleaned from it.

Just some late night ponderings while elbow deep in redlines for Modus Operandi.

Those of you who know Heather's work will recognize this... Those of you who don't, should. Those of you who love me should note that I do not have "Insh'Allah", "Festival Wind", "Album of Secrets" CDs (or, for that matter, her 1992 "Heather Live" cassette, my copy of which was destroyed some years back when red-neck jerk-wads broke into my van). (Yes, I know... Yule isn't for months, nor is my birthday. I'm just sayin'....)

But, as it matches my mood... Storyteller.... )


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