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This year, Changeling: the Lost has been nominated for four different ENnies Awards, including Best Interior Art, Best Layout, Best Writing and Best Product of the Year.

As well, the Changeling QuickStart Guide was nominated for Best Free Product, and The Fear-maker’s Promise (Changeling: the Lost’s first Storyteller Adventure System product) was nominated for Best Electronic Book.


The ENnies are an annual, fan-based award celebrating excellence in tabletop role playing gaming. Given out in August at GenCon each year, the ENnies are some of the most respected awards in the role playing game industry.


While the nomination list is created by a panel of judges, the final decision on each category is voted on by the gaming community. Each and every person has the right to cast their vote, by visiting


Because not everyone has heard of the ENnies, we’re providing this information, and encouraging folks to visit the site and vote for the game products they think are the best in each category. You don’t have to vote in every category, and you can vote for anywhere from one to all of the products in any category (in whatever order you prefer.)


Voting is open from July 21st, 2008 to August 3rd, 2008, and the awards will be given at a ceremony at GenCon in Indianapolis, Friday, August 15th, 2008.


For a full list of the 2008 ENnies Awards Nominees, check out:


Other White Wolf products nominated include Scion: God (Best Cover Art), Monte Cook’s World of Darkness (Best d20/d20 OGL Product), City of Brass Box Set (Best d20/d20 OGL Product, Best Setting), Scion: Tuatha de Danaan (Honorable Mention – Best Electronic Book), Art of Eve (Best Regalia), and Vampire: Ventrue (Honorable Mention – Best Supplement and Honorable Mention – Best Production Values)


Please feel free to share this information with other locations/lists/forums where it will reach gamers who may not be aware that they can vote on the ENnies, so everyone’s voice can be heard!


(The voting will open later today, but I'm posting this now (and will try to post it again each Monday morning between now and the close of voting) so that it continues to reach as many gamers as possible. Please feel free to cut and paste it to your own LiveJournal/blog or whatever other forum will reach other gamers.)

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The voting ballots for GenCon's Ennie Awards are now open. Anyone may vote, although I think they limit it to one vote per IP address to prevent ballot stuffing.

This year, I'm supporting a couple of particular candidates:

BEST ADVENTURE: The Lemurian Candidate, an Etherscope adventure from SteamPower Publishing. (SteamPower is a small indie press out of the UK. The Lemurian Candidate was written by Andrew Kenrick, aka [ profile] littlestkobold, the owner/head writer, and edited by myself. I'm thrilled to see it on the ballot. It's a fun little adventure with some great twists and turns and I really enjoyed it.)

BEST FREE PRODUCT OR ENHANCEMENT: White Wolf's Mage Demo. Not only is this a great demo, but it was written by Black Hat Matt (Matt McFarland) aka [ profile] innocent_man.

If you haven't voted, please consider doing so. You can vote here. Voting is easy, with drop down ballots, and you don't have to vote in every category to make your vote heard in one.


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