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Just sent the following letter to the Valkyrie's Science Teacher. Keeping fingers crossed for a positive response, but... not overly hopeful.

Have hedged bets (in typical Boggan fashion) by attempting to anticipate possible stumbling blocks (more work for him, doesn't teach same things, she's just looking for an easy way out, she needs to be responsible, not everyone can afford photography equipment, etc.) and address them in the initial proposal, to give him less excuses to say no.

We also included the principal (a woman who we believe may be less "middle school gym teacher" about seeing projects like this as something kids need to "tough up and walk it off".

And, as a final tactic, we began to lay the ground work for a "against our religious views" arguement which we would like to avoid if at all possible, but are willing to take on if necessary.

I anticipate a similar situation arrising later in the year with the dissection assignment, so... time to gird on the ethical armor and stand in the breech beside our girly-girl. :)


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