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A dear friend of mine was co-editor of what appears to be a FANTASTIC new anthlogy coming out. This is a must for all my Pacific NW friends. We've all seen, heard of or visited Grants Pass, Oregon... What drives these individuals towards it, after the world ends?

The apocalypse has arrived. Humanity was decimated by bio-terrorism; three engineered plagues were let loose on the world. Barely anyone has survived. Just a year before the collapse, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, was publicly labeled as a place of sanctuary in a whimsical online, “what if” post. Now, it has become one of the last known refuges, and the hope, of mankind. Would you go to Grants Pass based on the words of someone you’ve never met?

You can pre-order the Grants Pass Anthology here.

Check out the Trailer:

Date: 2009-06-04 07:42 pm (UTC)
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Okay - that looks seriously good. No funds to do anything now [we're moving to Idaho the end of this month], but I've bookmarked the page to come back to it.

Thanks for the heads up.


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