Apr. 19th, 2009

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Our cat, Wrongway, was stalking something on the back porch this morning. I stopped in the window to see if I could see what it was - a dove, perhaps, or a lizard on the wall... Imagine my surprise when I saw his target - 6 mule deer!

The viking got some great shots of them posted on his website. Check them out!

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Because sheriffjoe asked for an update, I'll give what I have...

Mind you, all of this is remembered through two and a half whirl-wind weeks of travel and a few days of nervous tension (that's an understatement), so I beg your forgiveness if I've missed or misremembered anything...

Let's see... Where to start?

Wednesday, April 1st - Bo and Amy came to pick up Kodi and Lobo. It was a hard day, a sad day, but lessened because we know the puppies are going to a great home and will be getting the attention they so greatly deserve. I also had the great pleasure of meeting Jeff Marriotte and his ladywife MaryElizabeth Hart, who are awesome book-people. The viking had the creeping crud, so he did not get the pleasure of meeting them, but did roust his poor sick body out of bed long enough to help handle the puppy-hand-off, which was good, because I was crying.
After getting the puppies sent off to their new home, I had to turn right around and head to Tucson myself, because I flew out the next morning at o-way-too-early for I-Con in New York.  So finally got my stuff together and headed to Tucson, crashed at the hotel around 11pm and woke up the next morning at an obscene hour to catch my 6:30am flight to NY.

Thursday, April 2nd - Mostly was spent flying to NY. I was met at the airport by a lovely couple of avid LARP organizers who had volunteered to be my transport to the hotel. We stopped on the way at an awesome Chinese buffet (by far and away the best I'd ever been to) and shared several hours of amazing conversation and general socializing. They brought me to the hotel, hung out and chatted a bit more, then headed back to finish up their stuff before the con. I crashed hard after curling up in bed with some rum and an ice cream bar (how decadent is that?)

Friday, April 3rd - Nothing really happening at the con until late, so I met up with some friends I'd met at UBCon the year before (Midori, Chris and Seth). We did food and played a game, then headed over to the community college where the heart of the convention was being held. Midori and I lucked out... as guest and games-master, we got our badges easily. Poor Chris and Seth had to wait in a huge line (close to 2 hours, I think) even though they'd pre-registered. Midori and I took advantage of the extra time to grab a bite to eat, then I ran off to my first panel, followed quickly by a Meet-The-Pros session over at the hotel I wasn't staying at. There I met up with lots of cool folks, including Aaron Rosenburg who I'd met at Lunacon a year or two ago, and Jamie and Cam from Margaret Weis Productions. Ended up going out for late night dessert with Aaron and some folks from the industry. It was awesome.

Saturday and Sunday were con-o-riffic. I could go into great detail (and might later) but it was, in general, a con. Panels, games, concerts, LARP, drinking, 4am fire alarms and hotel evacuations... you know the deal. I was exhausted, but very happy, by the time Monday came around and it was time for me to fly back home.

I almost didn't /make/ it home, due to weather issues in Atlanta. This gave me great concern, both because I was ready to be home and because I was turning back around the next monday and flying out to Atlanta again... Weather and Atlanta being an issue became a re-occuring theme for me.

But, after some re-routing, I caught a non-stop to Phoenix, and the viking (darling man that he is) was willing to schlep it up to PHX-town to pick me up. We managed to straggle back to Bisbee by around midnight Monday night, and Tuesday through Thursday was spent mostly finishing up on a freelance project that was due Monday, as well as doing laundry, re-packing, etc.

Friday, April 10th, the valkyrie had a medical procedure. They basically were just checking out her larynx, lungs and stomach to see if there was any physical reason for the horrible coughs she'd been having earlier in the year. We were worried, of course, as it was her first time going under general anastesia, but she did great, we came home that night and everything looked completely clear.  Saturday and Sunday were mostly family time, along with me finishing up the writing and packing.

Monday, April 13th, I headed Tucson-ward again, this time to catch a noonish flight out to Atlanta to interview with CCP North America/White Wolf. Again, weather in Atlanta hated me. We ended up delayed 3 hours, but luckily I found out before I checked in at the airport, so I used the time to do a little shopping and hang out in Tucson a bit. Finally made it into Atlanta by 10ish, and to my hotel by 11 (Atlanta is big...)

Tuesday, April 14th, got picked up by Ned Coker and taken to the CCP North America/White Wolf office. COOLEST CUBICLES EVER. (I'll post pictures later this week). Did an interview session, had lunch with the crew there, did several more interview sessions, had dinner with more folks. Came back to the hotel and collapsed. Got up the next morning, got the rental car, picked up my dear friend Oakthorne and his partner, ran some errands, dropped them off at the new house they were prepping to move into, toured a high school in the area to check it out for the Valkryie, came back to CCP/White Wolf to do /more/ interview sessions, picked up Oakthorne for some hot-tub/swimming, went out to dinner and ended up talking /way/ too late. The next morning, the car came to pick me up and I made my way home mostly on remote-control due to exhaustion, nerves and jet-lag.

I still haven't heard anything from CCP/White Wolf about the interview. I'm hoping maybe I'll get word one way or the other this coming week, and believe me, you'll all be among the first to know.

And now, I'm going to bed.


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