Apr. 10th, 2009

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The Valkyrie (our 14 year old daughter) is going in for some investigatory procedures today.

She'll be having a Fiber optic Laryngoscopy, Fiber optic bronchoscopy, and Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (aka EGD).

Basically, they're knocking her out, and then putting a thin, flexible tube down her nose to look in her larynx (voice box), and then one
down her throat to look in her lungs and then into her esophagus and stomach. They're hoping to find (or rather to eliminate the
possibility of) some sort of physical cause for her coughing, be it evidence of non-heartburn-symptomatic acid reflux, a floppy trachea
or... who knows what.

Anyway, the procedures are all simple ones but we are, of course, still nervous. It's the first time she's been given general anesthesia, and that's always a little scary.

She should be released as soon as they let her out of the recovery room, and we should all be home this evening.
I'll post once we get her home and settled, and let folks know she's okay.

Love you all, and appreciate your good thoughts.


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