Apr. 1st, 2009

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An excerpt from a project I worked on recently has been made available for free preview-download. I'm both proud (and a little bashful) about this one, as it's my first publicly produced "adult" project.

Exxxalted - The Scroll of Swallowed Darkness is a look at the steamier/sexier side of Creation. It features in depth exploration of the intimate world of DragonBlooded, Solars, Abyssals, even Lunars (yes, we break that cross-species taboo). The preview offers several new erotic-focussed new charms/spells (for those who prefer their sex a little crunchy) a hot little piece of fiction, and some essays on the nastier, more depraved sides of the Exalted.

As the author of the section that inspired the subtle "oral in an alley" illustration in Compass of the Celestial Directions 1: The Blessed Isle (Page 143 - did you miss it on the first read-through? I know I did!), I was thrilled to be pulled back over to the Exalted side of the company for this project!

The free 16 page censored excerpt - Exxxalted: The Scroll of Swallowed Darkness, featuring erotic art by the very talented Melissa Uran is available as a pdf through DriveThruRPG.net.

The uncensored 16 page preview is being released for sale for 99 cents (mostly so that folks have to signify that they know they're buying an explicitly adult product). The artwork alone is worth the price, I assure you. However, it is not for the faint of heart nor easily offended, as it does feature full (illustrated) nudity (both male and female) in extremely graphic sexual situations.

So, there ya have it... Proud/bashful me!

If you read it, see if you can pick out the parts I wrote. I'm particularly proud of the rather heavy censoring on my sections.

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Not a joke, I promise!

A Sneak Peek at Geist: The Sin-Eater fictionfor those who are interested in what's coming in August.


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