Mar. 13th, 2009

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Driving up to Chandler to look at condos and apartments tonight. Will be back Sunday, so internet connectivity will be fairly limited over the weekend (due to being busy, the hotel has internet, I just won't be there much.)

I'm super bummed to be missing out on meeting Charles De Lint at the Tucson Book Fair tomorrow, but preparing for this move over-rides my fangirl obsession with the man's take on urban faerie.  The fates couldn't be so cruel as to deem this is my only opportunity to meet him. I know I'm doing the right thing, in focussing on finding an apartment so we can get The Valkryie into a good high school, so I'll trust that they'll give me the opportunity to meet him again somewhere down the road.

For those of you playing along at home, we're still looking for good homes for Lobo and Kodi. They're wonderful pups, loving, affectionate, housebroken, and cute to the n-th degree. They can go together or separately, and will need either someone who's willing to walk them frequently or some space to run, because they're lab-mixes and need a bit of growing room.  We're planning on getting them both fixed when I get back from Phoenix this weekend, now that they've hit their 5 month mark, and they're up to date on their shots. Both recognize "kitchen" (the gated area where they sleep overnight), and run in there and sit down expectantly waiting for their biscuit when given that command. Both also recognize "sit" and "outside" as well as their names.  They love chasing a ball, but aren't really great about fetch yet (mostly because both will run after it, one will grab it and the game becomes "wrestle over the ball" rather than "bring the ball back to mom."

I'd really appreciate folks keeping their ear out for good homes for these guys. They're both just too wonderful of puppies to suffer from this life-choice we've been faced with. You can know that they've been smothered with love and affection since they were barely weaned, so they don't know anything else. They'd make a great addition to any family, as they're used to being around other dogs, and cats. They might be a little big/clumsy/doofusy for toddlers, but do great with kids that are too big to bowl over with love.

Lobo says "Don't you wanna help us find our forever home?"More Pictures. Cut for Cute Overload... )
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Lobo says "Don't you wanna help us find a good home?"

Pictures of the puppies we're looking for homes for from this morning.

The scoop here:
"After 6 years of being a one-dog household, we decided late last year to add another canine member to our family. We were very careful about it, screening what kind of pup would be a good addition to our home and a good companion for both the 2- and 4-footed members of our family. Just before Thanksgiving, we found an ad at a local shelter, looking for homes for these guys - Lobo and Kodi. They were barely weaned, and we just couldn't take one and leave the other alone, so we adopted both of them.  For the last 4 months, they've been our constant companions. They've had all their shots, have been raised on top-of-the-line puppy chow and we're having them fixed next week.

However, due to totally unrelated (and utterly unforseen) circumstances, our household is being spread all over the state between now and summertime. These little guys deserve more time and attention than we're going to be able to give them, so rather than deny them the attention they're used to (and so richly deserve) we're looking for a good home for them.

We believe they're lab mixes, Lobo maybe with a beagle and Kodi with a chow. They're both /incredibly/ sweet dogs and have been raised in a household full of love and affection, so they know nothing else. They're mostly indoor dogs, although they love running around outside, so a fenced yard with a mostly-inside family would be perfect for them. They've been exposed to cats and do fine with them, as well as older dogs. They're great with kids, although they are labs (and thus big and kind of clumsy) so they might not be the best choice for a family with easily-knocked-over toddlers. We don't need a "rehoming" fee, but a new family for them can expect to be carefully interviewed before we release these little guys into their care. We'd really appreciate their new family being willing to keep in contact with us as well, because our teen daughter is heart-broken to have to find new homes for them, so the potential to stop in and say hi to them in the future would be /gratefully/ appreciated.

Vet records available on request, and we're willing to accept homes for them seperately or as a pair. We will even give you a starter bag of the puppy food they're used to, so you can either continue with it or transition it gradually into whatever you'd like to feed them.

Please contact us if you know of any potential good homes for them? We really want to do right by these little guys.


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