Feb. 9th, 2009

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This has been a rough month or two for our four-legged friends, hasn't it? It seems like they're bearing a lot of the brunt of the stars being in the wrong position or something.  For those who were worried about Anubis (our belgian shepherd), it appears to be hip displasia, and he's up and moving after a steroid injection. We're putting him on glucosamine and vitamin supplements and anti-inflamitories and hoping he won't need surgery.

Not so fortunate is Zak. Zak is a feline member of a dear friend of mine, and a fellow professional in the horror/game field, Matt McElroy. Many of you may have checked out his website, Flames Rising, which is a great resource for all things horrible, especially horror RPGs. Zak is having a really rough time right now (crystals in the urethra... for those of us who have had kidney stones, we can imagine how painful that must be - if you haven't... imagine tiny little shurikens in your nether bits, and when you are done doubling over in cringe, continue reading)...

Due to a myriad of factors, the vet bills are starting to be pretty horrific as well. If you have a few extra bucks, some virtual spare change as it were, this might be a very noble and kind place to share them.

Read about Zak's condition here

I can totally vouch for Matt's trustworthiness and honesty, and the seriousness of Zak's condition. I know things are tight for us all right now... If you can't donate, please consider passing this along to other animal-lovers who might be able to spare a buck or two. Bit by bit, I know we can help.

My thanks to you, for donating or boosting the signal on this message.


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