Jan. 30th, 2009

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So, today's been a day of (hopefully) positive steps about the Valkyrie's cough...

Last night was ugly... we ended up visiting the ER last night (after she'd coughed for three hours straight, two or three "bursts" of 8 to a dozen coughs per minute) and learning nothing (it stopped after about 20 minutes of being in the examination room...

However, this morning, we went in for her lab work and a) the doctor wasn't there for me to ask questions of (we'd not been informed about what lab work they were actually doing, which is a no-no... can you say informed consent?) and b) when I bulled the lab worker into showing me what tests were being done, they didn't include the two tests that we'd requested (And which the nurse said that the doctor said were on there.) But the good news is that a combination of a steel fist in a velvet glove got us what we wanted. I sweet talked/firm talked the lab tech into writing down the tests we wanted (Which were related to, and according to the book she looked at, often ordered in conjunction with the tests that were ordered) and she took enough blood to run them all. I hope she doesn't get in trouble for it, but dammit, I'm done pulling my punches where my kid is concerned.

Then, we went out to a counselling appointment (following up on the possiblity that this may be at least in part psychogenic, and if not, at least therapy isn't going to mess with her system like giving her the wrong drugs will). The therapist seemed very nice, if a bit "woo-woo", and the Valkyrie committed to at least three more weekly appointments with her. After that, we'll sit down and figure if she wants/needs to keep seeing her, but if nothing else, we're following up on that possibility.

Then, due to a tip-off from a friend who had had a bad allergic reaction to mold in his own home, the Viking decided to tear up the carpet in the main bathroom (which is just across the hall from the Valkyrie's bedroom.)  (Yeah, I know... who carpets their bathroom? It was that way when we moved in, and we've been waiting to have enough money saved up to completely remodel it, but... apparently that was a bad decision.) Anyway, after work, the Viking tore up the carpet to discover... MOLD!  Black, nasty, smelly mold, not only under the carpet but under the layer of vinyl that was under the carpet. He cleaned, scraped, tore out everything down to the cement, and then cleaned and bleached the hell out of it. (I owe him big time for that, it was bad enough to gag him, and he's been in the Army.)

The Valkyrie and I ran errands in Sierra Vista while he was doing this, including seeing Inkheart and buying her a little beta fish (she's a big animal lover). When we came back, she was a little coughy but nothing bad... and tonight? SHE WENT TO SLEEP WITH HARDLY A COUGH! And that was without the multiple layers of meds we've been throwing on her at night for weeks. She had 2 nyquil about a half hour before bed, and that was IT!


It's too early to say "yes, this was for sure the root of the issue" but OMG, one night without 1-3 hours of miserable coughing and aches and feeling horrible is a reprieve! And hopefully, this has been what has been gradually getting worse and worse and triggering the already-existing allergies.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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