Jan. 21st, 2009

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Very quick update. Low on sleep, short on time, too much to do to write full reports:

Family - Doing okay. The Viking still loves his job, the Valkyrie is still fighting off a likely-allergy-related but not-responding-to-meds cough. Puppies growing like weeds, Anubis playing uncle. Cats not pleased.

Work - Great. Busy, and a bit behind because of kiddo being out sick for several weeks, doc appts, no sleep, etc. But good. Just turned in a fiction piece for an anthology (non-White Wolf) and really enjoyed it. Finishing up my essay for Family Games: The Best 100 and some White Wolf work. Looking for more projects, so those of you who hear such things, poke me.

Cam - Good, good.  Going out to NOIR in February, because SW was kind enough to put tickets on sale for half off, and friends needed a room mate, so hotel was half-off. It'll likely be my one "on my own tab" convention this year, mostly because I miss the NW HORRIBLY and I can't stand to pass up a bargain. Plus the Viking spoils me.

Travel - Got invited to Guest at I-Con in April in NY, which will be a blast. Will be representing White Wolf at Fan Expo in Toronto in August. May be invited back to Anime North, but haven't gotten anything firm yet. Would love to hit other cons, but with the economy being what it is, I can't really afford ones that I'm not guesting at.

Personal - Cut my hair. Love it. Not thrilled with the bouffant/flipped out style the stylist put into it today when I went to have her tidy up the sides a bit, but once I wash out all the hair glue and sleek it back into the elegant bob I prefer, I know I'm going to love it again. Need to get active again, I'm getting tubby.

Political - I didn't think I was really emotionally invested in Obama, but I cried during the ceremony. Have we become so starved for hope, that the promise of potential can bring tears to our eyes? Apparently, the answer is yes.  "On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord."

Amen, Mr. President. So mote it be.

And now, to bed.


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